Tuesday, September 30, 2008

To Prove a Point

I'll be the first to tell you I don't know anything about politics. I'm an un-educated man when it comes to political views, and to be honest, I could really care less. Before you start stereotyping me into a young rambunctious kid who doesn't care, let me tell you why I feel this way ...

I enjoy life. I'm not going to be that guy who gets up in the morning and thinks, "I hate my job, my family, or my life in general." I wake up thinking, " I can't wait for today to begin so I can go to work, hang out with my friends, and make out with my smoking hot girlfriend!! This is my life ... looking forward to spending time with the people I care about, doing things that are fun and worth while.

To me, news is everything that is bad in the world. If you don't believe me, let me ask you a question. Has there ever been a time you felt good about life after watching a news cast? If you answered yes ... you are one of those people who wake up in the morning thinking ... "I hate this world." There is never anything uplifting in the news ... hurricanes killing people and wrecking hundreds of thousands of lives, murderer's being set free, and politicians causing pandemonium in their countries. All of it so depressing. Unfortunatley, there aren't always water skiing squirrels to end news casts. That's why I don't watch the news or care about politics ... it makes me think ... "Is this world going to make it 10 more years?" That, my friend, is depressing. Which is why I just don't give it the time of day, there are better things to be doing.

With that said, I do believe the election process is important. I've never missed a vote since I've been old enough to do so and I've always been educated enough to make the proper choice. I do believe politics and politicians are important to our country. It creates order, which we need. No I don't block out the worlds problems ... I know all about the US and their horrific economy ... I've heard about George Bush and how terrible he is ... Yes, Barack Obama is awesome and John McCain is Old. I've seen Stephen Harper's creepy commercials, and shortly after, Jack Layton's anti-Harper ads. I know about all the natural disasters and the creeps in the world , and I read enough on the Internet to be educated on the whole oil situation. But that doesn't mean I need to know everything about politics. I think a lot of people are the same way I am.

This brings me to my point. This morning we had Shauna Feaguson in from the Chamber of Commerce. (sorry Shauna, I butchered your name .... bad!) She was talking to us about the People Awards Gala that the Chamber is putting on in October. I think its an awesome event. They'll be giving away an award for Citizen of the year and sharing some great feel good stories about certain people in the Southwest. I can think of a handful of nominees just off the top of my head for Citizen of the year and I know whoever wins it will be honored ... there are a lot of good people in Swift Current and the SW, and to win that prestigious award, would be a great achievement.

We were talking about the dignitaries that will be there ... Premier Brad Wall, local MP David L. Anderson, and Mayor Sandy Larson. The Honorable Dr. Gordon L. Barnhart, Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan will also be attending. Here's where the argument began.

I wasn't quite sure what the Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan did, nor did I really care. Jon ended up getting on my back about that fact and said something along the lines of ... I was in the minority of people who didn't know who the Lieutenant Governor was or knew what he did.

I think that's a false statement. I really do believe there are more people who don't know about the Honorable Gordon L. Barnhart than do. Am I out of line saying that? I mean ... the guy is the Queens representative for Saskatchewan. What does the Queen have to convey to our province that is so important. From what I understand ... she stopped making the calls a long time ago!

Don't get me wrong, I respect the Queen and I beleive Mr. Barnhart deserves the title he has ... the man has done his fair share of work ... he has a PHD in History from the U of S, he's written many books on prairie history, and has 20 years experience as clerk of the Saskatchewan Legislature and 5 years as Clerk of the Canadian Senate. The Honorable Gordon L. Barnhart is a fitting title, and it's a big deal that he'll be at the Peoples Awards Gala.

The point I'm trying to make ... it's alright not to know who these people are. They aren't that influential in the lives of the working class family, and I believe if you asked 100 people on the street who the Lieutenant Governor is ... half might answer correctly... but I bet only a handful know what he does for our province.

I haven't run this by Keener yet ... but it could be interesting to see who actually knows about the Honorable Dr. Gordon L. Barnhart, Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan ... listen for it this week. I have a feeling I'm not alone in saying ... who?

Monday, September 29, 2008

Canada's Band

With a title like that, most would think, "oh, he's going to have a nice little article on The Guess Who," or "I bet this will be about The Tragically Hip." Unfortunately, I'm not going to blog about The Guess Who or the Tragically Hip ... I'm going to do this post ... on Nickelback. Don't kid yourself, they're more popular than any other Canadian band to date ... for sure in the last 20 years.

Before I even begin ... I have to confess something ... I am a closet Nickelback fan. No, I don't like "Photograph" ... and no I don't care for "How You Remind Me." Actually, to be 100% honest, there are a TON of Nickelback songs that make me wanna throw up ... just a lil. In fact, there are a few written by Nickelback that if heard while driving ... make me want to veer into oncoming traffic. But ... I 'm still a Nickelback closet fan.

I'm a huge fan of songs like "Side of a Bullet,""Because of You,""Worthy to Say,""Animals,""Leader of Men," and "Old Enough." All that is great ... I just hate how they feel like they have to write ballads and love songs when they can write such good metal licks.

It has been an exciting couple of weeks leading up to the release of their first single. First we found out that they were working with Mutt Lange, a guy that has produced some of the best albums of all time including ACDC's Back in Black and Def Leppards Hysteria and Pyromania. Plus the guy married Shania Twain ... and then divorced her. I don't know why for sure, but I think its because she liked country music!!

Shortly after that we found out that they were going to release the album November 18th. Then we found out what they were going to call it... Dark Horse. It all lead up to this morning, their first single was going to be released to radio. I was super pumped. Why not, its Nickelback! The question that was in my head ... "what are they going to go with? Is it going to be something that will be commercially succesful or will they finally realize that its ok to put out some heavy stuff and make the closet fans appreciate you more!!"

Then it happened. I found out what the name of the single was and realized I had made a huge mistake. You know when a song is named "Gotta be Somebody" that its not going be the metal Nickelback that I love ... it's going to be the commercial Nickelback that 13 year old girls love.

I would compare it to "Photograph," "If Everyone Cared," or any other Nickelback song of that nature. Needless to say it was disappointing. I'm not even sure if we'll be able to play the song on the Eagle. It'll probably get spun heavily on our sister station Magic 97.

When the album drops November 18th, I know there will be some heavy stuff on it ... we'll just have to wait for a couple months to hear it because this new song is probably going to get played till 2010 before they release another single.

By the way, you can download "Gotta Be Somebody" for the next 24 hrs on their website. It's free ... which is a good thing ... because its not worth much more.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Gym

I make it to the gym 5 or 6 times a week. It takes all the energy I have just to drag my ass off the couch to go, but I usually get there. Yeah sure, I do the whole gym thing to stay in shape, but lately, I think I go to the gym just to get feed back on The Eagle! Being an employee of the radio station, sometimes its hard to tell if you're creating a good product ... some would say you get numb to what you're putting out there, which is why I love hearing any type of feedback. Whether its really good, or a " Your radio station sucks!" All of it is welcome ... the one ups your self esteem and gives you an ego, while the other makes you angry and chops you down a couple pegs.

Lately, Rob has been giving me a lot of feedback on the radio station. Most will know Rob to see him ... he's pretty hard to miss. He's probably the strongest man I've ever met! The other day he was lifting so much weight, the machine couldn't hold any more plates! He's a large man ... which is funny, his nickname is Tiny. Anyway, from what he tells me ... he just started driving a truck that can get the radio station and he really enjoys it. One day he commented on a bit we did where I told Jon I was going to knock him out ... then proceeded to tell one of our callers I was going to knock him out for not voting. Rob told me the reason I wanted to knock everyone out, was because of all the weights I've been lifting at the gym ... its not true, but it was a funny comment.

Last night, he had a question for me. "Chance, what's the deal with that new sexy voice you have on the radio station introducing the newer music?" After explaining to him what that was all about he finally got it ... " Ohhh, you want more single guys to listen don't you!!? "

Those kind of talks are great ... I love that about the gym. Something else I really like ... when people think you have a crappy morning show ... and then they meet you. It seems the more people I can meet in the community, the more they seem to enjoy the show. It has to do with putting a face to the voice I think. It's kind of cool to say, "hear that guy on the radio, I know him." I'm not trying to say I'm a celebrity or anything because I know that's not true, but it's just because you hear that voice on the radio station that it seems kinda cool.

Its great when the good comments come more frequently than the bad, but we definitely get the bad. We have a guy that always calls in when he knows no one will answer the phone .. then he proceeds to tear a strip off of Jon. We call him "The Hater". The last message he left, he even beaked me, which is weird because he usually just rips on Jon. I don't mind criticism, but grow a set buddy .... if you want to talk trash like that .... call when you know we'll answer.

Monday, September 22, 2008


Its the first day of fall. You know how I can tell? My gargantuan Elm Tree BARFED all over my front lawn!! Is there a rule somewhere saying that I have to rake those leaves, because I really don't want to. Stupid leaves.


I know I've been talking about Metallica a lot lately but there is good news about their shows in Calgary. We got tickets to it. Listen for another Live Like a Rockstar Series coming in November.

Just a side note on the shows in Calgary. I am super angry at how they went about selling tickets. In fact, I'm just angry in general at how tickets are sold now a days. Back in the day, people use to line up for them and the ones who were there first got the best seats. Now, they have so many pre sale opportunities by the time the tickets go on sale to the general public, all that's left is the crap seats. I guess I'm just old school about how tickets should be sold. Stupid ticketmaster.ca.


I am addicted to Wii. I'm not afraid to admit it anymore. Before, I was always the guy who thought video games were a waste of time and hardly gave them the time of day. In fact, I went as far as to torment people who thought video games were cool! In the last two weeks my house hold has gone from having zero video game consoles ... to having a Wii and a Playstation 3!

My name is Chance, and I have a gaming problem ... stupid video games.


I almost peed my pants laughing at one of the news stories that ran this morning. There was a big drug bust just outside of the city. Apparently the cops pulled over a semi truck full of Marijuana. Rather than saying there was this many kilos or whatever of Mary Jane .... the press release the police sent us decided to put it into terms the public would understand ... they measured it by how many joints the confiscated marijuana would make. How does 700, 000 sound? It's almost like the cops saying, "We know a lot of people do drugs, lets put it in a term the hippies will understand."

I don't know, it made me giggle ... stupid .... drugs.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Death Magnetic

Its not so much a talk about the album ... its Metallica ... you know what your getting yourself in to when you buy the album. They are going to be the number one album on the billboard 200 with projected sales of half a million .. which by today's standards .... is a lot of albums to sell.

Here's the news though. They'll come as close as Calgary at the start of December. Tickets for the show went on sale last Saturday and sold out in less than an hour. Sucks hey? I really wanted to go to .... oh wait, did you hear they added another show? Yeah, its cause they did. After the first show sold out so fast ... they thought they would treat us to another one the next night .. which is way better for many reasons. December 4th is a Thursday ... which would than warrant using a holiday day to go to the concert, no problem, I was willing to do that. But now ... the second show falls on December 5th which is a Friday ... which means in Calgary Friday afternoon .... Metallica Friday night ... and party for the weekend. No Holiday days, just Metallica at the Pengrowth Saddledome!!

Tickets go on sale for the second show Tuesday morning at 10. Lamb of God and The Sword will open.


It sucked reading about Pink Floyd's Richard Wright passing away from Cancer the other day. He was basically the only normal one in the band. He was a very low key guy, stayed out of the controversies, and was a fan favorite. He was 65, and will be missed in the world of music.

Monday, September 15, 2008


146.9. Are you kidding me?

Friday, I literally had to cop out of work early, just so I could get to the Canadian Tire to fill up at 135.9. It's always the last place in the city to move their prices up. Then, I went around bragging about how I just filled up my car in time for 135.9! About half way through the day I caught myself talking about how awesome I was because I filled up for 135.9, and realized how big of a loser I was. 135.9 is not a good price for gas. Its still about .50 cents a litre more than what I really want to be paying. It's the little game that gas companies like to play with us ... they put the prices up ridiculously high, than drop them just a little bit to make us think gas is at a good price again. You hear people saying ... "well its a lot better than what it was at a week ago!" WAKE UP!! Gas is way to expensive!! If I hear someone say that line next week when they drop gas prices closer to 135.9, I'm probably going to knock them out.

I did figure out how much money I saved by getting gas before they hiked up the price ... again. It came out to about $5.20. Can you imagine how much money that makes oil companies ... imagine the average vehicle each paying five dollars more to fill up ... 5 dollars times millions of vehicles .... I'm not good at math but that's a ton of money.

Now that I'm done complaining about gas ... I'll say this. It doesn't matter how high gas prices go, I will always buy it. There will be other things in my life I will cut out to afford gas. Everyone needs it, and we would be screwed if we didn't have it. So stop complaining.


On a totally different note ... Metallica came out with their new album Friday. It's good.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thoughts ...

Man, blogging is a lot harder than everyone thinks! I've only been updating this blog for about 2 months and it is tough!! Kudos goes to people who can somehow maintain theirs with a new post everyday!


The Bronco home opener is coming up September 20th which means a very busy time for everyone. Sales people are trying to sell stuff, Jon Keen (the voice of the Broncos) is flying around ... and I have to do a ton of new imaging! For the most part its pretty much done, which is relieving.

While all this is going on ... Jon decided to start producing a weekly show for the WHL called WHL this week ... it'll play in all the Dub markets and it is sounding great! This is no bush league show to kill time in someones hockey broadcast ... this is a feature that people will look forward to hearing. (DISCLAIMER: I'm about to get very geeky with radio lingo) I'm particularly interested in it because Jon got one of the best voices in the business to do the voicing for the imaging parts. His name is David Lee ... he's the voice of CBS radio sports and Westwood one ... he's the voice of over 30 stations worldwide ... and a bunch of other stuff I won't get into right now. My point is .. this guy is good!! In my mind there are two things that make a great imaging voice ... depending on what your going for, a naturally deep voice sounds unbelievable in radio!! The other thing is the types of reads they will give you ... some guys get it .. others don't ... and from what David Lee sent us ... he obviously knows what he's doing!! It really was fun to produce that "monstrous voice" !! You'll be able to hear it during Jon's broadcast.


You know what I hate ... when huge bands only play Toronto and Vancouver!! HELLO ... you skipped over three provinces!!!! Jerks.


Winter is almost here ... and I don't know how to clear my underground sprinklers ... things are looking pretty bleak at this point.


The poll that's been on the side of the blog ends today ... the question was: Which new song on the eagle is your favorite? the choices were Metallica - the day that never comes, Disturbed - Inside the Fire, ACDC - Rock N' Roll Train, or Hinder - Use Me?

Looks like Metallica won ... its kinda tough to tell though ... there were only like 3 people who voted.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Weekend stuff

It's funny how as the seasons change, your outlook on life changes. I know, a pretty deep sentence to start off a blog post right. Don't worry, that's as intense as I'll get. The way my brain works is, as soon as snow starts to melt I'm super happy thinking about the fun times summer will bring. Then when summer is coming to a close, and it's getting to zero at night .. I'm thinking about how snow could fall at anytime, which makes me a little depressed!!! That's the weird thing too, because I like winter!!

Anyway, the reason I wanted to talk about that was Great Plains College had their Outdoor Movie Friday night that ended up being moved inside due to it being frickin freezing!!! On the way in to the college gym all I could think was "it's nice enough to have this outside!" But on the way out 3 hours later, all I could think was " I am glad that was indoors!" Maybe I'm just a sissy.

All in all the movie night was a great time!! A huge screen, a big sound system, the Incredible Hulk playing, cheap food stand, and your own chairs to sit on!! It was great!! I didn't high five the team at the Great Plains College but I should of because they organized a great event that was a lot of fun for a Friday night!! I can only imagine what all the little kids there were thinking! I mean, I thought it was super fun, and I'm 24!!

After the first Incredible Hulk they put out, I was a little skeptic for the second. I mean come on!!! It was terrible ... brutal acting, pretty bad special effects for a major movie release, and the acting was horrific!! Did I mention that the acting was terrible? Horrendous acting.

The deciding factor on whether or not this movie was going to be worth watching ... was Edward Norton signing on to be the Hulk. He's a great actor ... I mean look at the movies he's been in ... Fight Club, Rounders, The Illusionist, the Italian job, American History X ... I'm glad there will be another one ... not to ruin the movie for you but we could see the Avengers movie real quick!

To wrap up this never ending geeky blog post, it was a great night, and thanks to the Great Plains College for putting it on!! Can't wait for the next one!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Bronco Music

The first game of the year at the i-Plex is set for September 19th. I'm really looking forward to the 08-09 Bronco Season, we've got a good group of guys coming back, some momentum still from last years playoff performance, and an even better rink to play in. No more construction!!!

Another reason I look forward to Bronco games is the music. Whenever you hear songs you don't like, or the music is too loud in the i-plex ... the F bombs you throw out there are directed at me. It's something I really enjoy doing but it's always a lot of work at the start of the year. This time around I'm looking for some help with new music adds. Is there anything you hear in other rinks around the league, in senior hockey rinks, or any music in general that you would like to hear at a bronco game? If so, I would really love to hear from you! Just leave a comment with your recommendations and your favorite hockey songs will most likely get blasted through the i-Plex's sound sytem sometime this winter.

The best part of the whole night comes during the warm up, thats when the heavy stuff gets brought out and we're allowed to play it a little louder than usual. Here's what I was thinking for this years warm up music:

Disturbed - Inside the Fire
Hinder - Use Me
The Offspring - Hammerhead
Slipknot - Psychosocial
Airbourne - Running Wild

Help me out with some of the stuff you want to hear. cduperreault@goldenwestradio.com, or you can just leave a comment.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Same Ol'

It never ceases to amaze me how predictable rock stars are. This morning I was trying to find some information on the new U2 album and stumbled upon a recent interview with The Edge ... Here's a bit of it ...

Opinion is currently divided as to whether the album will make a pre- or post-Christmas release. Anticipation couldn’t be higher, however, with mixer Steve Lillywhite having already proclaimed the record "their best yet."
"Trying to weave it all together into a coherent collection is the challenge," Edge admits. "But, yeah, it has the potential to be our best."

How incredibly predictable. I understand you have to sell your product to your fans by saying things like ... "Oh yeah its our best album yet!" or "it's some of the strongest songs we've ever written!" You might as well tell your fans what to do with their lives because by saying things like that ... your telling them what they should like.

One of these times it would be refreshing to read an article with a larger than life rocker talking about how the new album is what it is ... " It's no Joshua tree, but it's new, and we like it, so you might."

I remember when Lars Ulrich of Metallica was pumping up St. Anger before it came out ... now years later, he's admitted publicly that it wasn't really their best work! That is what I call refreshing ... don't lie to us ... we know when things suck!!

I have never been to an Elton John concert nor would I go even if I was given tickets ... which by the way are super expensive for playing three shows in our province in about two weeks!! But a friend of mine went to see him when he was in Edmonton and always tells a pretty good story about Sir Elton. Apparently half way through his show ... he flat out told the audience that they needed to play their new crappy music to promote the new album and if you needed to go to the bathroom or get a drink, now would be a good time!!! ... That actually made me like Elton John ... and I hate Elton John!

Anyway, U2's new album is supposedly called " New Line on the Horizon " and I've heard it may be out before Christmas ... or maybe not.