Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Vegas Flop

The question I should have been asking a week before the Christmas Vegas Vacation was ... "What can a guy do in a 24 hr span while visiting sin city?"

The 3 day 4 night expedition down to the states turned into a 24 hr affair after our flight was canceled two days in a row due to fog and then a freak rain storm in Great Falls, Montana. By the time our plane finally landed in Vegas ... we literally had 24 hrs before we had to be back at the airport.

What else could possibly go wrong after something like that ... well ... Let me list them for you!

  • It was so windy in Vegas, they shut down the Belaggio fountain due to the fact they would have soaked most of the strip had they went on with it.

  • New York, New Yorks roller coaster was shut down due to wind.

  • The only think I felt I had to attend was the Tournament of Kings at the Excaliber (medieval feast)... except the only night we were in town, was the only night it didn't play.

  • Our room at the Luxor got given away due to the canceled flights ... so instead of having awesome rooms in the pyramid ... we stayed in the East tower. It was alright ... just not as awesome as the actual pyramid.

  • We wanted to hit up a club ... but most of them were closed .. it was Tuesday.

  • I spoke of the wind ... well it made it so cold ... we couldn't even walk outside. I'm not kidding. At one point my hat flew off my head into oncoming traffic! Luckily my crazy woman is crazy ... and ran out to save it!
All we could do was laugh. It seemed everything we tried to do got ruined. But it could have been worse ... we could have been in a plane that was trying to be hijacked.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I'm Vegas bound on Saturday !! A few people have called in to help me out with the coolest things to do in Sin City. Minus people telling me to go to Strip Clubs ... most tips have been very helpful. Ya, I can see that going over well ... "Hey baby, I'm gonna take your Dad and Brother and we're going to spend the day at the peelers ... have fun shopping!"

Yes, it's a family Vegas trip ... we're looking for family fun ... not naked ladies.

This is where we'll be staying ... the Luxor!

We were thinking about hittin up "Cirque De Soleil The Beatles" ... I think that would be awesome!!

The Dad in law and myself really want to go to Hoover Dam ... maybe we can see Megatron and the Cub that's hidden inside. Sorry, I geeked out a little on Transformers there.

If you've been to Vegas and know some awesome stuff to try out .. let me know!

Friday, December 11, 2009


Everyone else seems to be talking about it ... why can't I??

Monday, December 7, 2009


Got this on the Breakfast Boys Facebook Group wall on Friday:

Jerilyn Anderson Sim: On the birthdays this am...your pronunciation of "Chastan" was impeccable... never before has it been properly pronounced on radio! Kudos to you! I don't think that you need pronunciation supervision anymore. lol

Here's what it sounded like:

Since we're on the topic, I need some input on birthdays. Please leave your comments and ideas below.

Do you like to know famous people birthdays?

Are you sick of the birthday music?

What would you do to make the birthday of the day more enjoyable?

Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas Parties

Our Golden West Radio Christmas Party is tonight in Moose Jaw. They bus us to the Spa for a big supper and some speech's ... then back on the bus for the trip back to Swift Current. This morning ... we had a few tips for people getting ready for their Christmas party this year.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Post Depression

Ever since Sundays loss there has been a lot of disappointed Rider Fans all over the Southwest and really, its turned into a country wide depression … everyone I talk to is either too upset to talk about it .. or they're so upset they just yell and hurl invective at whoever gives them the oppurtunty to do so!

But out of all the people I've talked to … I'm really concerned with one particular person more then anyone .… and his name is Jon Keen.

He's not just depressed and dissapointed like most of Rider nation … he's downright mean! I've heard him yelling at random people over nothing, the other day I walked into a room and caught him crying … which was weird … and you know it's bad when the sight of Green ... turns his face red with fury!

That's why I thought it was imperative to get some professional help for him …

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December Randoms

- December 1st .... the festive time of the season is here ... and it snowed last night! I guess people are officially allowed to put up a Christmas Tree, get on the roof and install lights, and start sipping egg nog without me getting super angry!


- Have you heard Christmas trees are no longer called Christmas trees??? Apparently the politically correct name is ... Holiday Tree. I guess I'm politically incorrect ... cause there is no way I'll ever stop calling them Christmas Trees and I refuse to replace the saying "Merry Christmas" for "Happy Holidays". You do what you want ... but I'M NOT CHANGING!


- The Holiday Train will be in Swift on the 9th at 12:30 pm ... and The Odds will be on it. Is it going to be weird to hear Hetrosexual man on the Holiday train?

- If you had three days in Vegas just before Christmas ... what would you do? I'm looking for some pointers because I'm going for the first time and I need to pack the most I can into those three days!!

- I place the blame on Luca Congi. When Rider fans are looking for someone to blame ... don't we always blame the kicker?

- The new garbage schedule is really screwing with my routine. Monday night, I clean out the fridge ... then Tuesday morning I take out the garbage. Well ... Monday night I cleaned out the fridge ... and this morning I remembered our day is now Friday instead of Tuesday ... which means my house is going to smell like garbage juice for another 3 days. Gross.

- I was on location at Canadian Tire Sunday just before the Rider game. I got talking to one of the managers who told me they've sold $60,000 worth of Rider gear in the last week. That's insane!!! 13 grand Friday night, and 16 grand Saturday night ... safe to say the Rider Franchise is making a few bucks off the colours Green and White.