Monday, June 30, 2008

Frontier Days Wind Up

It was another successful year in Swift Current for Frontier Days. Great Rides, Great Food, and GREAT Carnies!! (I don't know how to spell it)

I know the festivities officially got started Thursday but I never feel like Frontier Days really gets going until after the parade is over with! The weather seems to think so too with the first two days being cloudy, rainy and WINDY!! The Parade route change went over well!! A ton of people were camped out along Chaplin as the floats went by and Elmwood park area was Jammed with people!! I bet Elmwood Grocery made a killing Saturday. We were out there handing out candy to everyone up until the Southside bridge, we never seem to buy enough and the Southside always suffers!! Its not cause we don't like the Southsiders, we just suck at candy distribution!!

Best Ride of the weekend ... besides the potato sack slide ..WEEEEE!!! : 1001 knachts!!

Best Food: Surprisingly didn't come from the carny folk, it came from the AG and Ex booths ... Chili Cheese Fries!! EFFIN AWESOME!!

Got to hang out with Honeymoon Suite before they played Saturday night for about an hour and a half longer than I was suppose to due to the power failures and generators blowing up!! Yeah, that's what the smoke was all about ... someone left a bottle of cleaning fluid on top of the gen set and it blewed up!!! Anyway, the guys from Honeymoon Suite were all genuinely nice guys, they were your stereotypical rockers ... drinking before the concert ... listening to music to get them pumped up. Here's how I would put their show:
Admission to get into Frontier Days: 15 bucks, 2 elephant ears and a snow cone: 25 bucks (carny food), Tickets for a classic rock band: 10 bucks, seeing a bunch of old guys try to act like they're 20 ... priceless.
All in all, the guys put on a great show for the few people that decided to take in the festivities.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Best time EVER!!! ....

The countdown is on ... who will be the first to puke on the Tilt-A-Whirl?

I absolutely hate that thing ... it's safe to say it is my lifelong enemy. Anything that disorients you that much, should be de-commissioned!!! If your a mean person, and like to watch others in pain, just hang out by the Tilt- A-Whirl this weekend and you'll have a great time, you heartless B*&#$@%s!!! With that said, I do know a lot of people who like getting spun around until their insides don't work properly, but for this guy ... I would rather be a sissy and go down the potato sack slide ... WEEEEEEEEE!!!

The Midway doesn't actually open until 4 o'clock today but the festivities get underway early this morning with a bunch of 4-H stuff. You can check out the schedule at

The Parade is going on Saturday morning starting at 10 from the Credit Union I-Plex. Yes, the route has been changed .... you can throw your arms up in a fit of rage and curse the Ag & Ex if you want but I think it was a good move. This way, we don't have to have our police officers blocking traffic from the number one and the route takes us by two great city parks .. Elmwood ( one of the nicest in the city) and Memorial Park!! We'll have the Cruisers out there with candy which is always fun!!

I can't write about Frontier Days without mentioning the Saloon! Every year it seems there's a night in the Saloon where you end up man hugging your buddy in the dark because 9 feet of rain is coming down and there's a huge lightning storm!! Oh good times at the Saloon!!

This year my roomie Mark and his buddy Landon are putting on a pub crawl, keep a look out for 45 people with HUGE foam cowboy hats, sleeveless shirts, and mustache's!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Default Tix

The Eagle team got together in our board room yesterday to brain storm about our Default ticket give away. Here's what we got after an hour of discussion ...

Chance: "so, what are we going to do with our Default tickets?"

Ryan: (our PD) "I don't know, anyone got any ideas"

Chance,Sean, Alexis: "No"

Hurricane Lindsay: "Is Wasting My Time their biggest hit?"

And thus the "wasting my time" contest was created!!!

Basically next weekwe'll get you to call in ... we'll give you a topic ... and you have to waste our time for 94 seconds while just talking about that said topic. Don't worry, if your terrible at BS'N we'll help you along!

The other news is we only have 20 tickets rather than the 40 so we'll be giving away pairs of tickets once in the morning and once in the afternoon with Alexis from Monday to Friday ...

As for this week, its all about Honeymoon Suite ticket giveaways!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Guitar hero: Beatles??

Discussions about The Beatles' songs being licensed for use in computer games have reportedly been taking place between representatives of the Liverpool legends and the makers of the hugely successful 'Guitar Hero' series.
Activision publishes the Guitar Hero computer games, meaning that if the correct deal was struck a Beatles version of the game would be made possible.
MTV Games, meanwhile, whom the Fab Four's representatives are also talking to, are responsible for the similar Rock Band games.
According to the Financial Times a deal between the parties could be agreed "within weeks". Any such deal would have to be approved by EMI and Apple Corps, who own the master recordings of the band's work and manage their business interests respectively.

The MTV Video Music Awards are going Hollywood. After broadcasting from Las Vegas last year, the awards will air live from Paramount Pictures Studios in Los Angeles on Sept. 7.MTV said it plans for the first time to enlist its Web-savvy, youthful audience to help decide the nominees.The network intends to take over the movie studio's lot and present the awards show from sound stages, rooftops and city streets.

The Smashing Pumpkins are planning to release an expanded special edition of their 1991 debut album 'Gish'.
The news came via a message posted by frontman Billy Corgan on the band's official website, which reveals the box set edition will surface later on this year.
Although it would seem details are far from being decided, there are also talks of the Smashing Pumpkins embarking on a 'Gish' tour to coincide with both the box and to celebrate their 20th anniversary this year.

Great Concerts

I'll be the first one to admit Honeymoon Suite isn't exactly the biggest draw ... but come on ... "I Feel it Again" , "Bad Attitude" .... "New Girl Now" !!! Those three songs are enough to make me pay the 10 bucks and sit through the rest of the crap that gets played!! Plus, if we're lucky, they'll crank out "What Does It Take?" and we can all turn to our lady friends, slowly caress their lower back, look deeply into their eyes, and lip sync the words like the Zamboni guy from Happy Gilmour ... it'll be magical. ( I know it was a different song in that particular movie, but just replace it with Honeymoon Suite) Saturday night is when they play, and we'll be giving away tickets to it all week long plus some I Ride Passes and gate admissions.

The other much anticipated concert is Default and Mobile. I haven't really heard much about how ticket sales are going .. but a couple rumours were that Pharmasave had sold out of their tickets. I don't know if that's true or not but if it is, please go to CD Plus or I know we'll be meeting sometime this week with our Program Director to figure out how we should give away the 40 Default tickets we have ... that will be fun when we decide to dish those out ....

And now that I'm not the only one to have voted on the poll to the right, I don't feel like such a tool! Still a little bit though ...

Monday, June 23, 2008

VR new singer, The Crue new biopic

Velvet Revolver could be recruiting their replacement for former vocalist Scott Weiland via file sharing website YouTube, reports GIGWise.
Rolling Stone reports that unknown singers have been campaigning for the ultimate job by posting online video auditions. Many have claimed that they have the inside track for the job, although no one in the Velvet Revolver camp has officially contacted any would be singers. Drummer Matt Sorum admitted that the band had listened to some submissions sent in by mail but failed to confirm if they would be using YouTube to attain their new member.

Velvet Revolver guitarist Slash and his wife, Perla, can move forward with a $1 million civil suit they filed against a real estate agent and his firm, alleging they were duped into buying a house that did not have the amenities they expected, a judge ruled today. The suit, filed last November in Los Angeles County Superior Court and amended in mid-March, names Gregory Holcomb and Sotheby's International Realty as defendants. Judge Mel Red Recana denied defense motions to dismiss the portions of the suit alleging fraud, constructive fraud, negative fraud and breach of fiduciary duty, and to strike the claim for punitive damages.

Motley Crue are back with a new album, a song that's a hit with gamers and an upcoming festival tour, but the bad-boy rockers are frustrated that a long-awaited movie about their lives is going nowhere. The glam-metal veterans first announced in 2006 they had reached a deal with MTV Films/Paramount to start producing a biopic based on their best-selling autobiography "The Dirt," which was co-written with Neil Strauss. But the band is now looking for new partners, bassist/lyricist Nikki Sixx told Reuters.

The Beginning of the End

Well, it's begun ... and it may end as early as tomorrow. This is my first step into the world of blogging. I have no idea what LOL, TTYL or LMAO means, and I'm not about to learn. I think I've been forced into this by upper management, and even if thats not the real story, thats what I'm going with.

I've learned from many blogger veterans that it is really tough to keep a relevant blog that people will want to read and come back to. I think its just hard to have something to write about day in and day out and I give props to the people who are relentlessly getting great information on their sites on a day to day basis.

With that said, this is not going to be one of those places. This is going to be a place for Rock News, random thoughts, and Eagle info! So try to EMUB ... (enjoy my useless blog) ... come on, get with it.


It's most likely the biggest concert that Swift Current has ever hosted ... atleast since I've lived here! Default is coming to the I-Plex July 6th ... tickets went on sale Friday at Pharmasave CD plus, and I heard from Alexis (our afternoon drive chick) that there was a line up for the cheap tickets friday at pharmasave ... that is great to hear.

We've been told that if this concert does well, there are going to be more acts coming to the I-plex now that its renovated ... so my question is ... will we sell out the I Plex? I got a poll question on the side there, I'm the only one who has answered it ... officially making me a loser.