Monday, March 30, 2009


So ... Nickelback won 3 Junos last night in Vancouver ... surprised? Probably not.

Here are a couple things from the Junos that were great ...

1. Sam Roberts performance of "Them Kids" ... not one of my favorite Sam Roberts songs but live .. it was really good.

2. Russel Peters opening monologue. Anyone who can make reference to cocaine and the Barenaked Ladies, and Anne Murray and sex scandals in the same breath, gets two thumbs up in my case!! Not because I condone drugs or sex tapes, just because it was really really edgy. Not to mention he ended by making out with Divine Brown!!

Just to show you how great the monologue was ... take a listen. Click Here

3. The time. Start to finish ... two hours. Thats it. It was refreshing. Other award shows could learn from us.

4. The induction of Loverboy into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame by famed producer Bob Rock was also cool ... but not as cool as they're before and after pics !!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Too Far?

****Warning - the name Bon Jovi is used 15 times in this blog ... make that ... 16 ****

Bed of Roses, North Americas #1 tribute to Bon Jovi, played the Skycentre in the Living Sky Casino Saturday night.

That's their lead singer Darryl (Bon Jovi) .. and as far as tribute bands go, they sounded like Bon Jovi, he looked kind of like Bon Jovi, and the guy even had Bon Jovi's moves down pat. Plus, I think he changed outfits 12 times during the show! What more could you ask for?

The question I have is ... when your in a cover band ... where do you draw the line? Where does your stage identity, in the this case Bon Jovi, end and your real personality begin?

I got the opportunity to MC the event and met the guys before the show where I found out, Darryl (Bon Jovi) actually has Bon Jovi's real tattoos on his body. They're not fake, he actually went out, and got the exact same tattoos as Bon Jovi! Is that too far? Has he crossed the line of paying tribute to a great musician, to being that crazy lunatic super fan that ends up going to jail for stocking the great Bon Jovi??

Maybe that's a bit to deep for a Monday morning ... I should probably just talk about all the cougars that were at the show and how "fake" Bon Jovi woo'd them all with a bunch of roses and frequent trips into the crowd ... I honestly believe those ladies thought he was actually Bon Jovi!!

Which makes a guy worry ... what if your wife's celebrity freebie is Bon Jovi ... and "fake" Bon Jovi tricked them into thinking he was actually Bon Jovi!!!!


Carson Hadden now officially has more disposable income than I do!! This little guy won the hearts of Bronco fans, the title of the Ultimate I-Fan, and 500 dollars cash by dressing up like a crazy Bronco fan for Friday nights playoff game!!! It was decided by the rinks applause and when Carson was pointed to, it felt like the Broncos scored a huge goal!!

I was talking to his Grandpa Kim ( a loyal Eagle listener) at the pre-game BBQ in the Molson Room and said "You better watch out, he's gonna win the cash tonight if your not careful!"

Kim, you can send my cut to 134 central avenue north!!


Have you done your taxes yet? If not ... check out You can do your own taxes all online, send it away online, pay only 15 dollars, and if your lucky enough to get a refund, it'll come in two weeks rather than 6-8 if you mail it in.

I wouldn't recommend this though if you have a complicated tax return, took me about 45 minutes to do it for myself last night. A few snags, but all in all, very fast and easy!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ultimate I Fan

Tomorrow at the Broncos first home playoff game ... the Eagle and the Innovation Credit Union have teamed up to find the Ultimate I fan ...

Sure this could constitute as a super fan ....

Thats just disgraceful, but replace with a Bronco jersey, and it then becomes innovative ...

Creative ... but in order to be one of the final 6 in the Ultimate I fan ... I think you might have to be a fat guy without a shirt on ....

This guy would have a shot at winning some stuff ....

Same with this guy ... he would probably get the I pod touch ... or 2nd place ...

By far my favorite ... if you have that much back hair ... and take the time to carve a number into that mound of fur ... you deserve to win 500 dollars cash and have the title of the Ultimate I Fan!!! ... on second thought, the girl beside him, who probably did the shaving, deserves the money more than the hairy dude .... or is that a girl?

Monday, March 16, 2009

St Patty's Day

St Patty's Day is tomorrow. I always get a little sad around this time because the day of the Irish gets absolutely no props .... not even a day off!! So this morning we thought the least we could do was adapt "Twas the Night Before Christmas" into a St Patty's day version.

Twas the Night Before St Patty's Day

Twas the night before St Patty's day .. and all through the house,
No one was stirring not even my Uncle, the Souse

The Green dye was placed on the table with care,
In Hopes the drinking would start before people got there

The men and woman were all snug in their beds
to get rested up for the next days events

When down in the kitchen arose such a clatter
I sprang from my bed to see what was a matter

When, what to my wandering eyes should appear
A little leprechaun drinking my beer

He was slightly old but lively and quick
I knew in a moment he was there for a quick nip

What to do I thought to myself
This Greedy little leprechaun is ram sacking my house

I grabbed up the phone and called my good friends
"Get over here now before the good times end!"

Within minutes a party had started in my kitchen
green dye and beer, fist fights, nothing was missing

I looked at the leprechaun, a right old jolly elf
and laughed at the site of him in spite of myself

A wink of his eye and a twist of his head
I knew I had nothing to dread

He spoke not a word and went back to drinking
That crazy little leprechaun, who knew what he was thinking

and then he dashed from the house with a twinkle in his eye
a beer in his hand, and a glass of green dye

He sprang out the door and gave a lady a whistle
and a way he went like the down of a thistle

But I heard him exclaim as he ran out of sight
Happy St Patty's day and to all a good night

Friday, March 13, 2009

Things I Hate

I'm sitting here listening to Theory of a Deadman's new single "Hate my life" ... and I'm furious. What does a rock band know about working for a living, not getting layed, and hating their boss? The song starts out with this line ... " So sick of the hobos always begging for change,
I don't like how I gotta work and they just sit around and get paid" .... Hello ... their homeless ... they don't make any money! That's why their homeless! Idiots.

This gives me an opportunity to discuss the things I hate ... I've dubbed this list .... The Things I Hate List ... ( Solid name I know)

1: Country Music

I don't know if its the twangy guitars or the woe is me lyrics, but I cringe every time someone turns on CKSW.

2: Forgetting Names

I have the worst memory in the world and I'll be the first to admit that its hard to remember everyone's name ... but if I've known you for over 6 months and you still don't know it ... just don't talk to me.

3: "That" Gym Guy

You don't have to wear the smallest shirt in your closet ... you don't need a phone while working out ... and yes, we know you try hard, there's no need to make loud grunting noises.

4: All Bran

It may keep you regular, but its disgusting!! And No, All Bran Buds do not taste better than normal All Bran!!

5: Napping

It always seems like a good idea ... until you wake up at supper time and realize you will not be able to go to bed till at least 11 now!!

6: Mechanics

I don't hate all mechanics or think they're all crooks ... but I do believe the ratio of people getting screwed is higher than people getting honest work done to their automobile!

7: News

I really hate news ... how can you watch the News and still be happy about life. Besides the squirrel watersking at the end, there is not one happy story in a news cast ... killings, recessions, fires, break ins, crimes, violence, scandals .... it is never fun to watch the News.

8: Reality TV

I think its safe to say reality TV has gone overboard ... just stop with the crappy shows already!! Bring back The Fresh Prince of Bel Air!!!!

9: Country Music

Did I mention that already? I hate country music.

10: No Country For Old Men

I don't necessarily hate that movie in particular (maybe its the word "country" in the title) ... I just hate movies that leave everything up for interpretation ... Maybe I should change the title to "I hate Interpretation."

There .. 10 things I hate .. Stay tuned next week for 10 things that are awesome!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Apparently people didn't like Elgar ...

Humboldt's quest to become Hockeyville 2009 ended abruptly Saturday night. Scroll to about 1:30 ...

They were about 110,000 votes shy of getting the 100,000 dollars along with the pre-season game that will see Vancouver play the Islanders.

Which leads me to believe the NHL hates the Islanders. First they have to travel all the way to Saskatoon for training camp .. then they have to play a pre-season game in Terrace BC ... This must be Gary Bettmans way of getting back at Garth Snow for wearing all that over sized equipment his whole career.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Random Thoughts About Stuff

- I watched the longest movie ever yesterday. It's called Australia. Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman are the big stars. They're both from Australia and only one of them gets to use their native accent due to Nicole Kidman playing an english chick. The plot in this flick changed about 8 times ... off the start it was a movie about cows, than it was a movie about betrayal, than it was about war .... than turned into a love story ... and if you plan on watching it, set aside a good 2 and a half hours!

- What the hell is with that stop sign in front of the aquatic centre!? It's absolutley useless .... especially because coming the other way there is none!

- Did you know an iced capp has 250 calories, 33 grams of sugar, and more caffeine than a coffee!!

- Comedy nights are fun!! The Great Plains College put on a Telemiracle comedy night where they raised just over 2 grand on Friday night at a packed Beatty Playhouse!! The two comedians that took to the stage did not disappoint ... especially the second one who had to deal with all the drunks in the crowd! Between an old lady who the comedian ended up calling mom ... and the girls who didn't think there were 12 million sharks in the ocean ... it made for a pretty teery eyed Duperreault.

- Whoever says the Casino isn't doing well is a liar! I drove by there Sunday morning and the parking lot was packed! Plus I know there were probably 10 guys that spent their life savings in there over the weekend ... safe to say the community so against having a casino seems to be embracing it quite well. Which really came through loud and clear the other day when my 90 year old next door neighbour told me I should go more often.

- Telemiracle raised 3.8 mill!! That is the second highest total behind 2007's whopping 5.6 mill ... either way ... Nice work Sasky!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Jail Bait

Shaunavon had their annual Radio-Thon Saturday where they raised 15 grand for Telemiracle ... the whole gang went down from the Swift Current radio stations ... Kyla (CKSW), Switzer (Magic 97) and Sean (Eagle) made it down there for the early shift .... then myself, Trent (CKSW), and Chris Martens (Magic 97) went down for the afternoon shift.

They had a jail and bail set up where you pay to put someone in jail and then they have to raise money to get out! We were there for maybe 20 minutes and Trent was already cowering in the corner of the clink!! Click here to listen!

It was all fun and games until I got thrown in!! Click here to listen.

This is a pic I stole from Ryan's blog .. .... They had a three legged sheep they were raffling off for fun ... it was one of those things where you buy a ticket and put your buddies name on it hoping he wins the sheep! In the background you can see the jail we were put in!

It is official though ... 15 grand to Telemiracle .... how can you not LOVE SHAUNAVON!!???