Friday, January 30, 2009

Marley ... that darn dog!

How cute is that dog? The cutest ever... that's the answer to that question. Which is why I cried like a little girl when I watched Marley and Me the other night with the Ms's. Honestly ... I don't want to ruin the ending ... but the dog dies. That cute little son of a gun does not make it. His cute little snout, his crazy dog demeanor, his out of this world personality ... gone. You would cry too if you watched it ... its super sad.

Now with that said, its probably one of the better movies of the year ... the show has a ton of hilarious scenes in it ... like when they're taking him to get snipped ... the dog jumps out the window, Owen Wilson catches his back end before he gets away, and while Jennifer Aniston continues to drive, Marley is running with his two feet on the pavement while Owen Wilson holds his bum ... ha ha ... super funny.

I just have to warn you though .. the ending is a tough one to take ... I cried ... I cried a lot ... and I'm a man, like a manly man. Like I'm pretty much the manliest man you could find ... I love watching football and eating nachos, I enjoy making fun of crappy pop music, and I am always burping and farting and finding new areas to scratch. Just the other day in fact, I got hit in the face with a puck while playing hockey at Rotary park and I didn't even bleed ... that's how much of a man I am. But .. I still balled like a baby at the end of Marley and Me. Be careful is all I'm saying.

On a side not ...while crying at the end of the movie ... I could understand why Owen Wilson tried to commit suicide in real life at the end of shooting that movie ... I mean ... the dog dies .... it's very depressing.

I also found out a weird thing about human beings. Do you ever see people crying like that when people are killed? No, no you don't. I don't remember anyone crying after 300 .. or Lord of the Rings, or Pulp Fiction ... but I think everyone in the Cinema Twin cried after Marley died. In fact ... two days after watching Marley and Me, I decided to check out a movie called Shoot em Up ... I bet there were 350 people killed in that movie, and I didn't even think about crying once! Show me a dog that dies of old age though ... and the flood gates open.

The Human Race is weird ...

Monday, January 26, 2009

Copyright Infringement

The anticipation for this post, I'm sure, is monumental. "Gee Whiz! Copyright Infringement!! That sounds so educational!! I can't wait to read it!! Get over here kids .. Chance is about to educate us on Copyright Infringement!!!!" .... I bet that's what went down when you read the title of this blog.

January has been an all time low in my blogging life. I've compiled two posts since the 1st of the month ... this will be number three. Technically I haven't even done that many!! Let me explain ...

Jon was reading my last post and brought something to my attention .... take a look at what he had on his blog about the Radio Industry ...

It isn't hard work by any means... I've done hard work. Radio isn't hard. Don't let anyone ever convince you it is. Stressful yes, and lots of hours at times, but hard? No.

I always wonder why people leave this business because they think the grass is greener. Nine times out of ten they're back on the station's doorstep looking to get their old gig back.

The pay could be better. But, it is what you make it.

I digress....

That was from Jons Blog,, posted Jan 19th ... now here's an excerpt from this blog Jan 21st ...

People who are in radio tend to be bitter about how much they get paid. Here's what I have to say to them ... you have the best job in the world. You don't have to do manual labour, you have an opportunity everyday to make someone laugh or smile, and yes, the pay may not be that unbelievable ... but the perks of the job (all inclusive trip to Jamaica) seem to out weigh all the other crap.

I digress ...

Apparently Jon is pursuing legal action and will be talking to his lawyers on grounds of Copyright Infringement. I will fight this to the death!


Minus 42. That's what Swift Current woke up to this morning ... stupid wind chill. But here at the radio we like to look at the upside of things ... some schools were closed, some buses got canceled, and as Bryan said this morning when he phoned in to win some Cold FX ... "we got shut down this morning, its a beer windchill!!! (rather than beer clouds ... following along??)

Only in Canada will you see a temp of minus 42 Monday ... and by Friday ... have plus 3 for a high! It's a great country isn't it? Keeps life interesting if anything!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What the %#@!

Well ... its been over two weeks since I've blogged. Not that I come at ya with riveting material when I do actually write on this thing, but over the last week I had some stuff I could've actually wrote about and didn't here it is in a nutshell.

Lets start with the Inauguration ... How good is Barack Obama at creating hope? Unreal good is the answer to that question! His speech yesterday was so amazing my body forgot how to run while I was listening, which in turn made me drool on my shirt ... and I may or may not have peed in my pants a little too.

I really couldn't tell you how well Barack will do in the wake of everything that is going on, mainly because I don't know anything about American politics ... or politics in general. But I do know that when watching the Inauguration yesterday, I felt extremely happy to see George W. Bush get booted from the White House. In eight years he's started two wars that drained the US of a ton of money, saw thousands of people die in Terrorist attacks, and put his country in the worst economic situation they've ever been in. He will for sure go down as being the worst President in the history of the USA. Not to mention the skits that were created while he was in office.... what will SNL, Jay Leno, David Letterman, The Colbert Report, or Conan O'Brien do!!!???

After yesterdays festivities ended I felt as though the only way to go was up ... I'm not sure if that's because Barack is now the first Black President in the US or if it's because the economy is as low as it can go ... either way ... the future is looking up.


The Eagle Incredible Journey ended on Friday and we flew back to Canada from a week in Jamaica at Sandals Grande Ochos Rios Beach and Villa Resort. All the gourmet food you could eat, all the booze you could drink, and more beach than you can handle.

People who are in radio tend to be bitter about how much we get paid. Here's what I have to say to them ... you have the best job in the world. You don't have to do manual labour, you have an opportunity everyday to make someone laugh or smile, and yes, the pay may not be that unbelievable ... but the perks of the job (all inclusive trip to Jamaica) seem to out weigh all the other crap.

I digress ... Brody and Jess the winners who came with us are great people. They're young, love to party, and are just plain friendly! We couldn't have asked for better winners. But I do need to clear something up ...They've been dating for over a year ... not 3 months. There ...the rumour is over with, no more bugging from the Breakfast Boys ...

Here's the weird twist in the story ... while we were in Jamaica we qualified people all week long for another shot at winning the same all inclusive trip. We got four people down and let Brody pick the winner out of a hat. Well the guy he picked ended up being his boss from River Side Electric ... talk about a raise in his future! So Rick Friesen will now have the same vacation to Sandals Grande as his employee Brody did! CONGRATS!!

The connections are crazy when you live in a small town. Here's some more:

  • Rick Friesens wife ended up being my girlfriends prof at the Great Plains College!!

  • One of the other final four worked with Brody at Intersport back in the day ... I guess Brody dated here daughter for a while!!

  • Brody ended up working with a couple of my buddies.

  • Tanya's (the Mrs) cousin works at the Comp where Brody's mom works and they both checked the Breakfast Boys Facebook Group everyday for new pictures!!

Its always amazing how everyone in Swift is connected in some way... its what I really love about our city!

I've also heard quite a few people decided to book trips to Sandals because of the broadcast last week .. that's always fun to hear... and when I say this I'm not just trying to sell you on our resort, I'm being serious .... its the best resort you could ever stay in!! Its luxurious, its a party, its fun, it's romantic and the Jamaican people are just genuinely nice folk!! Check it out with your travel agent ... you'll be surprised how affordable it is.


I was going to write about something else here but I got distracted and forgot ... until next time!

Monday, January 5, 2009


It's the first blog post of 2009!! At the risk of sounding cliche ... Where did 2008 go!!!?? Time flies when you're having fun I guess. Somethings never change. How bout that weather though? Sure gonna be a long winter if this keeps up.

In all honesty ... I'm excited to see what lies ahead in 2009. From my perspective 2008 was a total bust! We didn't win the Grey Cup, a bunch of people died that were very close to me, and we didn't win the Grey Cup.

When the clock chimed 12 o'clock New Years Eve ... I didn't hear it because I was sleeping. But the next day, I asked the Ms's what her New Years resolution was. She didn't have one. But I sure did ... when I told her it was to have a Mathew McConaughey body ... she laughed at me ... out loud ... for like 15 minutes. So now my New Years Resolution is to read more books, sorry J Dub, it sounded like a good New Years resolution.

So I look forward to the New Year ... we'll be kicking it off the right way by going to Jamaica for a week on the Eagle Incredible Journey, two of my best friends will be getting married in the summer, and I'm sure some other good stuff will happen.


Speaking of the Eagle Incredible Journey .. You could win an all inclusive trip to the resort and not have to hang out with stupid radio folk!! When we're in Jamaica next week .. listen for the Jamaican Jet only in the mornings to win an all inclusive week in Jamaica @ Sandals: Grand Ochos Rios Beach and Villa Resort!!


I'm not so angry about spending a ton of money on clothes because of Christmas gift cards .. the new shirt/pants combo already got a couple compliments this morning ... and my ego is now HUGE!! So big in fact ... I don't think Eagle Control is large enough for Jon and I to hang out in.