Thursday, November 27, 2008

Fa - Boooo - tin

I hate those commercials. Why would you ever purposely advertise the wrong name of your business? People everywhere now refer to Fabutan as Fa- Boo- tin. Drives me crazy. If I were a franchisee .. I would be furious.

Alright ... now that I've made myself out to be a rough and tumble man ... lets talk about something that seems to get guys in a lot of trouble with their buddies .... yes ... tanning.

Everyone has been in that situation where you've done something to get harassed by your circle of pals. You had to much to drink and only made it to 9 o'clock .... You cheer for the Leafs when everyone else cheers for another team .... or the one that happens the most .... You found a girl that would date you and are now spending to much time with this lady. I'm speaking from personal experiences here so if those examples aren't dead on ... I'm sure you can shape them into something that has happened to you that you get harassed about constantly from your close buds.

I've been hassled about all these things before. But I think I got it the worst after a couple of my close friends found out I was tanning. I didn't realize it ... but by tanning ... I have turned into a woman. Who would have thought 8 minutes in a tanning bed would give me lady parts!!

Apparently, in order to be a man, I have to stay on a strict diet of beer and potato chips, watch nothing but football, treat woman like crap, and not even think about tanning! I had no idea this is how I had to live my life.

For one ... I like tanning, its relaxing and feels good when its minus 40 out! Two, its good for you in the winter months when your deprived of Vitamin D, and three, if your going on a trip ... its a lot better to tan gradually, than burn your skin terribly the first day on vacation and spend the rest of your trip applying aloe vera gel!!

Bottom line ... I like rock n roll, working out and watching sports ... but ... I also like cooking, tanning and watching Ellen Degeneres! She's the best thing on TV right now ... you should have seen what she did to Mariah Carey yesterday ... ha ha ha ... to funny ! Sorry, I get carried away when its a conversation about Ellen ... focus Duperreault ... to sum up ... I'm a man .. and I like tanning!

Monday, November 24, 2008

The Busy Season

Its safe to say November and December are the busiest months in radio. How can I tell? Well let me list off the amount of things we gave away this morning:

6:15 - Row of Rich's for 60 bucks

6:45 - Kevin Thorn Action Figure for Rock N Wrestling

7:15 - Row of Rich's for 80 bucks

7:45 - Birthday cake

7:50 - Tickets to Men Without Shame

8:10 - Qualifying for an All inclusive trip to Jamaica

9:20 - Mandatory Metallica - Qualifying for a trip to Calgary to see Metallica.

I get asked this question quite a bit, "What keeps you in radio?" I never really knew how to answer it fully. I would always say, "well I get up in the morning and don't hate going to work, that's why I do it." But now I know why I love radio so much ... its giving away free stuff !! How much fun is it to see the look on some one's face when they win a trip to Sandals Jamaica !!! A lot of fun .. that's the answer to that question!

The Jamaican Jet will be flying by every now and then over the next few weeks .. its the only way to qualify for the Eagle Incredible Journey: Sandals Jamaica.


I'm sure people pull pranks on their co-workers all the time. It's no different here. I like to send e-mails from other peoples e-mail accounts when they accidentally leave them open. Usually, its an e-mail to our boss telling him how much they love him and how they want to take the relationship to the next level. Which might not seem all that funny, but when the e-mail is usually from a guy to our boss, who is also a guy, it becomes a lot more funny. Lets just say it's been a really good run of messing with people.

Unfortunately, they've caught on and have discovered my e-mail open on several occasions. To those people, I have two things to say, one: Get your own prank you non witty #@$#@% and two: This is my prank ... I will get the last laugh.


Check out the poll ... it has to do with the Eagle Incredible Journey ... pretty straight forward and I think I know which one will win, but give it a look anyway.

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Incredible Journey

This is Mary and Al ... our winners from last years Incredible Journey...

A small part of the resort they stayed in ....

One of the many swim up bars they spent a lot of time at ...

"Another day in paradise" Mary would say as the week went on ...

This is also the place ... you could be travelling too come January 2009 ...
The Eagle Incredible Journey is Back ... listen for details

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Remembrance Day

Usually I come away from Remembrance Day thinking ... "I don't think people did enough to remember our fallen heroes," or "The Ceremonies could have been better."
That was not the case after yesterdays Bronco game. The Bronco's staff should feel awesome about the job they did before the Broncos lost to the Calgary Hitmen. They had Travis Steinly and the Mudflaps sing a Tim Mcgraw song that was very fitting for Remembrance Day ... and it sounded good! I hate Country music, so that's a stretch for me to say. Then they had a moment of silence, and a couple Veterans on the Red Carpet for the ceremonial puck drop ... and then they stayed on the ice for the National Anthem. All I have to say is ... great job you guys ... great job.


A call Friday morning got me thinking about radio in general. Basically, a listener was mad that I talked in between songs. Before we started those song I had said something along the lines of ... "40 minutes without a commercial." He was angry because I was talking in between songs, therefore advertising our station. I was kind of surprised by the whole thing. I had never heard anybody angry about the DJ saying the names of the artists before. Here's how it went ...


Does it make you angry when we say what station your listening too?

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Music Adds

Here's how a typical Wednesday goes. Start the morning show at 6 ... end at 10 .. and then head upstairs to have a music meeting with Ryan my boss. We basicaly just look over the new music and decide what we're going to play and what we're not going to play. This usually creates an argument about which songs we should or shouldn't add, kind of like a few weeks ago.

I don't know if you've heard, but Nickelback is coming out with a new album November 18th called Dark Horse. When they released their first single I realized it was going to be the candid terrible, slow, love song that would chart on every radio station known to man ... its just how they roll in the Nickelback camp. This started an argument, Ryan thought we should play it and I thought it was a bit sappy for The Eagle. In the end the Boss had the final say and "Gotta Be Somebody" got thrown in the Eagle music library.

Here's where the story gets good ... when I saw I wasn't going to win this musical battle I put a disclaimer on the new Nickelback song. I told Ryan, (the boss), that if we were going to add this sappy Nickelback song to the Eagle, we had to add their next single no matter how it did on the charts. It made logical sense to me because I knew they would have a crazy rock song to release at some point. Well Ryan agreed ..."Chance, you add 'gotta be somebody' and I'll let you add the next Nickelback single as soon as they release it."

Well .. they released their next single earlier this week .. it's called "Something in Your Mouth" ... enjoy, I know I will when it plays four times a day on the Eagle!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


It could possibly be the best Bond Theme ever written. Jack White ... who is a mastermind when it comes to old school sound, and Alicia Keys ... who is crazy good on the piano and has an unbeleivable voice. Its called "Another Way to Die", and it is solid.

But lets be honest for a minute .. when was there a good Bond Theme? Chris Cornell sucked it up the last go around with "You Know My Name" for Casino Royale, Madonna's "Die Another Day" ... come on, and does anyone even remember the one Garbage did for The World is Not Enough? I think Sheryl Crowe is AWESOME!! But she sucked it up with her attempt at the Bond Song for Tomorrow Never Dies.

The Quantum of Solace is coming out November 14th. Its going to be Daniel Craigs second go at being Bond and I expect big things. Everyone was all over him for being picked to follow up Pierce Brosnan as the most notorious character in movies to date, and when all was said and done, I thought he NAILED it! Did you see Casino Royale? It was unbeleivable!

Take a listen to Jack White and Alicia Keys ... its the best Bond Song in years.

Monday, November 3, 2008


This is why I love Facebook ...

I now present "The Best Halloween Costumes 2008" ...

My Boss, Reschy, and I think Monkey

Jr ... or Hulk .. I can't tell

The guy in the middle is Borat! Ha Ha ... priceless

and the winners, Cade, Mark, and Landon ... an unstoppable trio (it was the fake dusters that won it)