Thursday, July 31, 2008

Velvet Revolver

I guess they found a new singer. Before I get into that, a bit of history ....

When Velvet Revolver began, they auditioned a lot of singers. Singers like Buckcherry's Josh Todd, who at the time was not with Buckcherry. Sebastian Bach formerly of Skid Row and Travis Meeks from Days of the New also got auditions, who have both proven are legitimate rock stars. There were a handful of others who either got invited to audiiton and didn't want to go ... or did show up and just weren't good enough. In the end, they ended up getting a very famous frontman in Scott Weiland shortly after STP broke up. Here's what they did right the first time: They didn't go with a no name singer ... they went with a guy that was already proven to be a great frontman.

A couple albums later, lots of animosity, and the departure of their lead singer ... Velvet Revolver is about to make a HUGE mistake.

The rumour as of late is that Slash, Duff, Matt, and Dave are going to hire a guy by the name of Royston Langdon ... he's the singer for Spacehog ... I know ... who is Spacehog? Well they did have that one song in 1995, "In the meantime".

Other than that, I guess his claim to fame was his marriage to Liv Tyler (daughter of Steven Tyler of Aerosmith ... now famous actress)that ended in May.

I'm sure they're going to make great music together if Velvet Revolver does decide to hire Langdon ... but they're going to go from selling a couple million records ... to maybe 100,000. The reason is ... their lead singer is not known well enough. If they would have gone with someone like Chris Cornell (which was rumoured at one point) or Chester Bennington from Linkin Park (who was also part of the rumour mill a couple months back) they would have been unstoppable!!

I do hope I'm wrong, I like Spacehog, I like Roy, but without that lead singer with a rockstar status .. Velvet Revolver might as well pack it up.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I kinda touched on this show yesterday but now we've figured out how to give away the tickets. Actually to be honest I had no contribution to coming up with this contest!! It was the genius of our Program Director, Ryan Switzer, and our Promotions Man, Trent Redekop ... formerly known as Zoo!!

So the show is August 15th in Saskatoon. Motley Crue, Papa Roach, Buckcherry, Trapt, and Sixx AM .... A pretty great line up.

We've got 8 tickets to give away ... or 4 pairs of tickets. Here's how you win them:

(1) Dress up like the Crue (and not like todays Crue, like the Crue of the 80's!!)

(2) Take a picture

(3) Send it to us via e-mail at

The Best picture wins the tickets!!

Remember we only have 8 so the most people you can have in your picture is 8 ... unless you don't want that guy from accounting to go ...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Summer Invasion

Everybody has that summer tradition, whether its going on an annual trip, going to that certain event , or just going camping at that same time of year! With me .... the summer always means one fun trip with my buddies. Last summer was probably the best yet!! Five of my good buddies, a road trip to Chicago, and a week in Illinois!! As you can see from the pictures ... it was a good time!!

This year, there are no expensive road trips, vacations to the mountains, or camping expeditions!! This year, the funds are a bit short due to buying a house in this crazy province!!! But I do still have one weekend I'm really looking forward to... and its in Saskatchewan!!

August 15th will start a great weekend if your like me and love live shows. Cruefest will be in Saskatoon on the 15th, a friday, which will see Motley Crue, Papa Roach, Buckcherry, Trapt and Sixx AM kill at the Credit Union Centre. I've seen the first three before ... Papa Roach and Buckcherry in Indianapolis last year as part of our Chicago Trip, and let me tell ya, they are worth the price of admission alone. These bands will be the best live shows, minus crazy affects, you'll ever see !!

Just when the weekend couldn't get any better, The Sasktel Summer Invasion is also going on in Regina for the whole weekend, and Seether will hit the Stage Saturday night at Wascana Park. Its basically a weekend of Music and Wake boarding. The National Wake boarding Championship is being held there (I think that's what it is) and every night there is live entertainment!! A weekend pass is only 25 bucks ... which is CHEAP entertainment!!

So the plan is ... hit up Cruefest Friday night, stay in Toon, then head off to Regina for Seether Saturday night ... and take in some Wake boarding Sunday!! That's the planned trip this summer .... its no trip to the states, vacation to the mountains, or fishing expedition up north .... but it's a guaranteed good time ... for little money ... in Saskatchewan!!!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Back from Holidays

Holidays were a pretty good time this year. Kid Rock, Batman - The Dark Knight, and a jack hammer! The first week was the fun holidays, the last week was home renovations which I wouldn't wish on anyone ... concrete work sucks!!! But I do like doing something like that during holidays because it reminds me how great radio is!!

I know it was two weeks ago but I gotta talk about the Kid Rock Show in Saskatoon!! If there is a guy that knows how to entertain .. its Kid Rock!! Great show, great surprises, and great seats made for a ... well ... great show!!

There's Kid Rock ... and a quarter of my head!!

There he is again!! And the beak of my hat made that shot!

There we go ... a 3/4 face shot with the Kid!!

Not only was his stage wicked, the band was awesome, The Rev from Run DMC joined him for about 5 songs including "walk this way" ... plus I've never witnessed a rock star change outfits 3 times during a set... yes, Britney Spears did that in her prime, but a Rockstar??? It may sound a bit feminine but the outfit changes were a good choice!!

Now for my cool concert story! I'm sure this is the same for everyone, but every time I go to a show, I always come out with a great story. This one had to do with the guitar player. If you look at those pictures, you can see that we were sitting on the side of the stage where they had a little walk way that went out into the crowd. Kid Rock only used it a couple times ... but their guitar player, Jason Krause, was up there a lot!! At one point he saw me there staring with awe, and threw me a pick!!! Unfortunately it was dark, I wasn't expecting him to throw it at me, and it hit me in the chest and hit the floor!! I was devastated. The good news is, he saw what happened, got another pick, I held out my hand, and he gently placed it in my palm. It was actually quite funny when you think about it. I did end up finding the other pick I dropped and gave it to my friend Angie, by the way ... thanks to Angie for the tickets ... nothing like going to a concert with your 8 month pregnant friend!!

Bottom line ... if you copped out of the Kid Rock show ... you missed a good one!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Probably the best thing about working in Saskatchewan ... is the 3 weeks of holidays a year!!! Did you know that Alberta only gets 2!! What the *%)^ are you suppose to do with two weeks??!! I may be wrong about that stat though ... it may just be my brother who gets two weeks of holidays, he works in Calgary and seems to get screwed with holidays no matter where he works!

Alexis will be taking over the morning show for the next week and a half, I heard on the Grapevine she's got a lot of stuff to give away. (by the Grapevine I mean we had a lot of stuff to give away so she's the one that will be doing that!) Which also means Jon will be updating the Facebook Group ... I predict a loss of Breakfast Boys friends over that time.

Here's a few things I will be doing on my holiday, and I only share this with you because if your on holidays, you should do this stuff too!! Kid Rock is tonight in Saskatoon ... its going to be great!! Batman, the Dark Knight comes out Friday, me and a couple buddies are going to watch it at the I-Max!! Got a small town wedding to go to which is always fun ... and then my holidays abruptly end by doing major renos on my house!! If your on holidays ... do all that stuff except the last part!!

Talk to ya in two weeks.

Monday, July 14, 2008


Craven. Ohhhh Craven ... how you've let us rock and roll guys down.

There are a lot of great reasons to go to Craven. I think we all know the main one ... it was listed in Playboy as the third best event to get some action in the world!!! (I don't have any proof of that but I remember hearing that somewhere) .... the parties, the camaraderie, the shenanigans and skull duggery are all enough reason to go to the jamboree. But, let's be honest ... the reason people end up buying tickets, is because of the entertainment. And when you absolutely despise country music ... its tough to make it an annual event you want to attend.

Lets go back three or four years when it was Rock in the Valley. Three nights featuring some of the best bands at the time ... one night of great Canadian rock n roll, one night of the classics, and one night of big bands!

The weekend started with Sum 41 and 54:40 who always put on a great show. Saturday drew in the older crowd with Nazareth and ZZ top, and the weekend ended with Evanescence and Seether (best show of the weekend: Seether).

Funniest moment of the whole weekend: ZZ top gets up there to play ... and their lead singer Billy Gibbons tries to get the crowd into it by saying "Its great to be in ...... (long awkward pause)!!" The guy was so blasted he didn't even know where he was!! Then, just when you thought it couldn't get worse, he looks over to one of his roadies who yells, "Canada"! Billy then, after that long awkward pause, yells "Canada"!! It was awesome, they didn't even know what country they were in!

You just don't get that kind of entertainment with country music!! I understand that the only way they could ever sell out Craven is with a country music format because country music has a huge target demographic. I just miss the days when Rock in the Valley drew in 13,000 people, everybody got drunk like they do now, but the only difference was they weren't afraid to go watch the bands!!

Ok, back to ripping on Craven ... Bottom line, country music is evil! Quite possibly the worst thing that could ever happen to radio, is country music. I know that's how things started and everything, but, country music is terrible. Sure there's a ton of hot country music singers who have won awards ... but that was at country music awards and country music is terrible. Yes, I know George Straight is a big deal and has put out the most singles ever or something like that ... it doesn't really matter because country music is terrible. In fact, I feel sorry for the people who got forced into going to Craven for the partying, because they had to put up with country music, which is terrible.

To sum up this blog, Country Music is terrible. I hate Craven.

Friday, July 11, 2008


They're one of my all time favorite bands both on CD and live. For one ... they were great back in the day when "lit up" was huge, two ... they're a success story from when they disbanded and got back together only to have the most commercially succesful album of their career ... and three ... they are the very definition of Rockstars! For example, when I saw them in Indianapolis, their guitarist Keith Nelson ... did a line of booger sugar right off of his amplifier while playing a guitar solo!! Just for the record, I don't think doing drugs is cool ... at all. But you just don't see that kind of thing everyday.

They also love Saskatchewan. They've been here probably 6 times in the last 2 years which is unheard of ... unless your in a band called Trooper.

The first time I saw them was at the Pump in Regina ... I'm not going to lie, it was one of the best nights of my life!! (minus the whole not being able to hear for a week thing) Since then, I've seen them in Saskatoon 2 more times and in Indianapolis. If you were to take away all the production and lights that bands use now a days and just put them on a stage ... Buckcherry would blow everyone away by far. They are the best live band you'll ever see!! Josh Todd is a maniac when he gets on the stage!! The guys got so many tattoos it would be tough to find skin plus he wears leather pants ... if thats not Rockstar, I don't know what is.

Anyway, the reason I'm talking about them this morning is because they have a new album coming out September 23rd called "Black Butterfly" and they leaked the new single and video through youtube. It's called "Too Drunk" and it's safe to say you will not be hearing it on The Eagle anytime soon ....


Thursday, July 10, 2008


The numbers are in .... there were close to 1500 people who decided to take in the Default/Mobile show Sunday night. For our first big show in town, I think that was a decent number ... but I know for next time we can do a lot better than that!!

I changed the poll on the right ... now you can vote on who put on a better show!

On a totally different topic, check this &$*# out!!

Last nights storm caused some floods close to downtown, even broke that evergreen in half!!

Thats a lot of water!

City Crews trying to fix the problem.

That was a crazy hail storm we got in the Southwest, I hope the farmers faired ok after that.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


You know them for all their commercially successful songs like "How you Remind Me", "Someday","Photograph", "If Everyone Cared", and "Far Away". You've been to their concerts and saw the thousands of teenage girls losing their brains over them. You've probably ran into someone who claimed they used to hang out with them when they were in high school in Hannah Alberta. You may have even bumped into them at a bar somewhere and thought to yourself "that was cool", although you would never tell your buddies that.

I don't really know why some people hate Nickelback so much. For one, if you ever listened to their full albums, you would hear that they write some awesome metal tunes. Sure they make their money from songs that were listed at the top of the page, but they got their start writing the heavy stuff!

I'll be the first to say "Nickelback is terrible", but then I'll secretly go to their concerts, download their music, and be happy to hear their songs on the radio.

The reason I'm talking about Nickelback is they just signed a deal with concert promoter Live Nation for an estimated 50 - 70 million dollars!! With that comes a 3 album/3 tour deal. By them signing that contract you can be guaranteed another three albums on top of the 5 they already have out ... but that's not where it ends. Right now they are signed to Road Runner Records, their long time label, and they still have two albums left on that contract before they can move on with Live Nations deal. My math isn't as good as it used to be, but after tallying up the remaining albums Nickelback has to write, it equals the amount of albums they've already put out .. which would be 5 if your following at home.

Get used to those guys coming out with their commercially successful music, because they got a lot of years left to make it!!

Now for my cool Nickelback story: About two and a half years ago, Trina (morning news lady at the time) and myself were lucky enough to score an interview with the guys from Nickelback before their show at the Brandt Center in Regina. We got there as they were doing the sound check, after sound check the guys came over .. Chad Kroeger and Ryan Peake went to do interviews with Hurricane Huber who at the time worked for The Wolf, and we got to go to the dressing room where we interviewed Mike Kroeger and Daniel Adair. The interview went awesome and we were just about to leave when Trina challenged the guys to a chugging contest because she had heard they were good at downing beers. Mike opted out but Daniel was all about it!! So there we were ... in Nickelbacks dressing room .... Trina, Myself, and Daniel Adair ... 3 Coronas ... Mike Kroeger timing us .... about to have a chugging competition ... when Chad and Ryan walked in. They instantly started laughing because they knew that their drummer was going to kill us !! Mike Kroeger yells GO and we start pounding back these beers. I honestly had enough time to spill it all over my shirt before Daniel finished. I didn't even get the neck done!! Trina actually finished her beer ... mind you, several minutes after the competition had ended ... but what a trooper!! The whole time this was going on ... Chad was just leisurely walking around the room shaving and laughing at how terrible we were at chugging bruskies. That will always be a fun story to tell ... especially because it was the first time I ever interviewed someone famous.

The guys were awesome to us, they do write a ton of great music and later that night they put on one of the best live performances I've seen. That's why I'm not surprised they've signed this huge deal!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Inside Scoop

Now that I've grabbed a couple hours of sleep after a crazy weekend, I'm really feeling that high of having Default and Mobile in town Sunday night. Just hearing everyone's reaction of the show is really making me feel like the whole show was a success!!! We've gotten a couple good comments on our Facebook Group "The Breakfast Boys" (if you haven't joined yet you should!!) and I've also heard some from friends and family in the SW.

I've had that poll on the right hand side for about a week now asking which bands we would like to have next at the I-Plex .... it looks like 33% want Buckcherry to come to town next, 44% want Theory of a Deadman to come ... and 22% want to see the Trews as Swifty's next big concert. I'm very surprised that The Hip got no votes what so ever, they're only this generations best Canadian band, and when I mean "this generation", I mean the none Nickelback generation!!

The reason I titled this "Inside Scoop" is because we kinda have an idea as to who the next big show will be ... Obviously I can't tell you who it is because nothing is finalized, but I can tell you none of the bands on that poll will be coming ...

On a totally different topic, The Eagle Night at the Drive In is coming up on the 17th, we have to start getting serious about ticket giveaways because we have a TON of vehicle passes to get rid of before that date. Really, it doesn't get better than watching Indiana Jones on the Outdoor Big Screen at Clearwater, sipping on sodas and MAKING OUT in the back seat ... unless your above the age of 50 .. then thats just gross.

I'll be putting up a new poll in the next day or so ... it'll probably have something to do with who your favorite band was at the show ... keep an eye out for it.

Monday, July 7, 2008


I now have a new liking for those two bands that were in Swifty last night. I'll start with Mobile ...

You could not meet nicer guys than the guys from Mobile. All of them were super friendly, very polite, seemed genuinely interested in meeting their fans, plus killed in their performance. I got to talk to Matt Joly their lead singer quite a bit over the last few days, he really is a stand up guy. The highlights of their show was Baba O Riley at the end .... if you weren't there ... they ended with the classic who song !!! It was Awesome!!!

Default was also very cool ... Dave their bass player came to talk before the show and seemed like he was just pumped to be able to play here for the first time! We didn't really get much time to talk to the whole band together cause they were at their hotel until 9:00 but we caught up with them after the show. They were just hangin out drinkin some Coronas, chillin after they played for probably an hour and a half.
All in all, things went very well ... we figure that there was about 1600 there ... but thats just a rough guess. Below are some pictures from the show and if you want to check out some videos you just have to joing our facebook group ... search breakfast boys. Enjoy.

Just before Default

Guys from Mobile - Jon, J Dub, Chance

Guys from Default after the show - Sean and Chance

Jay (manager) Chance-


I've seen a lot of live shows before ... Korn in Minneapolis, Buckcherry in Indianapolis, Van Halen in the old Winnipeg Arena (the last show to ever be played there before they demo'd it) and of course the Stones at Taylor Field. Out of all of those, I think last night might have been the best one I've ever been to! Obviously they didn't have the production elements you would see at all those other shows, or the amount of people that are at something like that ... but I think it was becasue it was in our home town rink that made things so great!! It was just awesome to be a part of something that should happen in Swift Current a whole lot more than it does!

Thats all I have to say at the moment, but I do have a bunch of cool stories about the bands that I'll post with the pictures from the show later on today.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sundays Show

We're getting pretty pumped for the Default/Mobile Show Sunday night. I just wanted to give a heads up that we'll be talking to both Mobile and Default tomorrow morning .... I'll try to get the audio up on our Facebook Group as soon as possible ... and if you haven't joined the group yet ... just search "The Breakfast Boys".

A couple other things that are going on...

  • We're still doing the "wasting my time contest" to win Default/Mobile tickets. I'm also going to try and get some tickets to give away on the Facebook Group ... see, it pays to be part of the group!!
  • The Eagle will be live from the Credit Union I-Plex a couple hours before the show, stop in, say hi, let us know how excited you are. I beleive we're also going to be talking to the guys from both bands through out that time as well ....
  • And I've been asking around to see if there are going to be some meet and greets with our Ticket winners, I haven't heard anything quite yet but I'll get back to ya on that.

The time is ticking for this show ... we need to sell as many tickets as humanly possible!!!, Pharmasave, and CD plus all have tickets ... GET THEM QUICK!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Honeymoon Suite

Here's some pics of the Honeymoon Suite Show on Saturday. Enjoy!

introducing Honeymoon Suite.
Playin the show

Guitar player

4 sleeps

According to the poll on the right hand side of the screen ... 40% of Swift Current believes the I-Plex will be sold out for the Default show, 53% believe it might sell out, and 6% say there's no way the show Sunday night will sell out. When I say Swift Current, I mean the 15 people who decided to represent ALL of Swift Current!!

It's tough to say whats going to happen with Default and Mobile coming to town. Just the buzz on the street makes a guy feel like there is some legitimate excitement about the two bands playing Swifty. I've also heard ticket sales are going extremely well. With all that said, I'm pretty positive we won't sell out, only because with the floor open, the I-plex could probably accommodate close to 4000 people .. which would be more than what went to see Three Days Grace, Theory of a Deadman, and Mobile last year in Saskatoon!! The thing is, we don't necessarily have to sell out ... we just have to have decent attendance to show these bands that we can pull together and raise enough interest for other bands to come ... that I think we can do easy!!

With all the hype about the show, I think we've forgotten about the other band that'll be opening Sunday night. Mobile put out their first album in 2006 called "Tomorrow Starts Today"and ended up winning a Juno for Best New Group of the Year. I mentioned it before how they opened for Three Days Grace and Theory of a Deadman ... well I made it to that show and thought they put on an awesome performance! They got a new album coming out called "the Killer", you can hear a bit of the song and see a few seconds of what the band has been going through during the recording.

We'll actually be calling the guys from Mobile to do a quick interview later this week, keep listening for that!

Tickets are on sale at, Pharmasave, and CD Plus.

Just a quick last thought ... what the *u&k was with Canada Day long weekend this year!!! That wasn't a long weekend! That was a weekend, followed by torture, followed by a day off. I know its an extra day and everything, but why don't they either give us Monday and Tuesday off or just move the holiday to the Monday to make it a 3 day long weekend? We're going to be patriotic anyway, we're Canadians for God's sake!! It was great weather though, I'm sure you had a good time at the lake!!

Make sure you check out the new poll on the right!