Monday, June 15, 2009


This blog was started pretty much a year ago. It's seen some good times ... it's seen some bad times ... but through it all ... it's made it to 100 posts!!! That's something to really be proud of! But what I'm most happy about, is our 5 faithful readers! Chris, Jon, Ryan, Jessica and Trent ... (they all work here or use to) thank you for making this blog such a success!! Here's to 100 more posts!


You've probably noticed I've become addicted to posting CNN news stories ... for one ... it's more interesting ... and two ... its easier to throw up a video rather than use my brain to think of something witty to write about. (it's helped me get to 100 posts!)

Golfing would become WAY to easy if they did this in Swift Current ... you wouldn't have to worry about putting around Geese Crap!


I've been waiting to see these guys since I first heard "Come Out and Play" at the age of 11. Tonight ... IT'S FINALLY HAPPENING!! I'm heading up to Saskatoon for their show at the Prarieland Park ... check back on Wednesday for a recap!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Letterman vs ... who?

You'll find out the whole story from this video but I gotta say ... who does this broad think she is? She's the reason Obama ran away with the Presidency, she's a terrible role model for woman, and now she tries to get some press by bad mouthing the greatest late night guy this world has to offer ... Sarah whatever your name is ... go back to Alaska.


This is a picture of Brett Micheals after the Tony Awards ... if you scroll down ... you can watch the video of what happened. He's saying he had no idea he had to get off stage sooner than he did and the Tony Awards are basically saying its his fault ... which is also funny!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Brett Micheals

How did I miss this at the crappy Tony Awards on the weekend? Oh yeah ... it was the crappy Tony Awards.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Shout Out!

Now the first edition of ... THE BREAKFAST BOYS SHOUT OUTS!!

I love grocery shopping ... while I do frequent every grocery store in town ... there's only one that is close to my heart ... and that's The Wholesale Club. Every time I'm in there ... they're blasting the Eagle!! I literally mean BLASTING!! Most places you can just faintly hear a radio station in the background ... not the Wholesale Club!! They crank that *%$# up!! There's nothing quite like grabbing some groceries to the sultry sounds of Led Zeppelin or ACDC!!!

That's why we're giving a "Shout Out" to the best grocery store in town!! The Wholesale Club!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Cleaning ...

It's the most unsatisfying thing you can do .... cleaning.

The only time my house gets a good cleaning is when guests are coming over. Unfortunately, friends were staying at the den this weekend which meant I had to clean the place. So, I took off a couple days due to the extensive scrubbing that would have to be done, picked up some cleaning supplies, watched about 3 hours of TV procrastinating, than got down to work!!

Bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedrooms ... I even got out the stainless steel cleaner and made the fridge/stove combo sparkle!!

After all this work I was ready for guests ... which is where the unsatisfying part comes into play. They walked in the door... walked to their bedroom, used the bathroom, wondered through the kitchen, and peered out the window into the backyard. Not one word came out of their mouth at how awesomely clean the house was. They never said anything about how good the towels smelt, or how great the lawn looked. All they could talk about was my nerf gun collection.

Whatever ... my nerf gun collection is pretty awesome so I didn't mind. But here's the part that is annoying ... if I hadn't done all that cleaning ... they would have noticed how gross I am ... but in an effort to not be that gross guy, I spent hours and days cleaning that stupid house just to get no response.

That's why I hate cleaning ... and that's why I think its useless.

Now I understand why my better half never wants to go camping with me ... she might wake up in a tent, freezing to death with a foot of snow on the ground!! What is happening!?

Cypress Hills Park got over a foot of snow on the weekend!! I know people who were getting married there ... how crappy is that!!?

While we're on this topic though ... if I see one more person on Facebook with the status "So much for global warming" I'm gonna track them down in person, and punch them in the face! This is what global warming is ... know what your talking about ... idiots!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


This made me laugh out loud for about 10 minutes last night ... which was awkward cause I was all by myself.

This whole chat with Tom Hanks is great but if your short on time .. just skip to 1:50 left in the interview!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Wedding Season

Wedding season is officially on us. I went to the first one this weekend ... and now have five more to attend this summer! Three out of those next five I have to MC.

I'm not sure why I get asked to MC weddings ... yes I realize I talk on the radio ... but that doesn't mean I'm good at public speaking. But I am honored to do it.

I've realized there are two things during a wedding that can make things go a lot smoother and ease the tension of tieing the knot!!

Number one ... You need a funny Priest.

Let me explain.

Your at a wedding, its in a church without air conditioning and its 30 above outside. Your sitting beside a man that smells like he hasn't washed his suit since the last time he was at a wedding which was last summer, your significant other is nagging you to take beautiful pictures, and your Uncle Bob won't stop talking about his bowl movements.

Not to mention, if your the one getting married ... there may be thoughts going through your head like ..." am I making a huge mistake?" ... "Do I really want to be with this woman for the rest of my life!?" .... If that's actually happening ... you probably shouldn't be getting married ... but that's another blog post.

Either way ... its nice to have a tension breaker. Which is why you need a funny Priest! A few jokes here and there can really loosen up a crowd ... it can relax the bride and groom ... and lets be honest ... most people feel uncomfortable in a church ... but if the Pastor is funny ... it almost makes them forget where they are for a half an hour and lets them enjoy two people making a life long commitment.

Number two ... the dance needs booze.

There are a lot of different people at a wedding dance. There are old and young people, relatives and friends, wedding party and guests ... and lots of people from both parties that have never met! Lots of strangers, lots of different personalities and lots of awkwardness.

That is why you need a little booze. Once the drinks start flowing people lose that shyness and start to mingle with both parties. Great conversations are started ... like the debate on why your friend Whitey can't pick up a woman ... Is it because he doesn't have game? Or does he like men?

The other reason you need a little booze is to get people on the d- floor. People do not dance unless there's a little liquor in the system and a wedding dance doesn't work unless there are people ... dancing. A good DJ helps that too ... but they 're hard to come by.

**** side story... I was once at a wedding here in town where the DJ was from Regina, he got drunk, demanded 300 extra dollars to keep playing for one hour (this was at 11 o'clock and on the PA system in front of the whole dance) ... and than got in a fight outside the legion! After that he took off in his station wagon drunk. Stuff like that ruins weddings. ****

So ... when planning a wedding for the future ... remember those two things and you'll be fine ... and so will your guests!