Friday, August 28, 2009


Thats me with Ra McGuire, lead singer of Trooper. Probably one of the nicest guys to talk to and a super fun interview. He's so wise .. like a miniature budda! That wisdom might come from him being 59 years old! Don't let the age fool ya, they still rock like they were 20 and still play just as many shows if not more than they use to!

The Skycentre was rockin once again when they took to the stage. What a place to have a show ... it really is a state of the art facility. There is not a bad seat in the house.

I wish they would start getting more rock acts though. After selling out Fake Bon Jovi, Nazareth and now Trooper ... you can see Swift Current loves its Rock and Roll!!

All in all ... it was a great show and very informative. The informative part came when I went outside with Lindsay and Rri (casino employees both alumni of the Radio stations) and saw the back of the Casino. No wonder there seems to be a lot of Rats hanging out in that part of town. The field behind the Casino has 6 foot tall weeds everywhere. Gee ... I wonder if thats where the problem might be.

I digress ...

It's always great to see Canada's party band and it was awesome to have them back in "Rapid Raspberry" ... if you have no idea what I'm talkin about ... go check out our Facebook Group and listen to the interview in full ... Just search the Breakfast Boys.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Around the World

I really do love lazin' around on an afternoon watching track and field. Even more so with these electric Jamaican runners! I mean, everytime Usain Bolt hits the track ... he breaks a world record!! Its Amazing!! Plus ... stuff like this happens from time to time! In the video you see Melanie Walker fresh off a hurdles gold medal getting a victory lap from a mascot that doesn't end very pretty ...

I can just see the headline now ... "Albino Alligator Eats Trainer" ... and no one will be surprised. There's a reason trainers train alligators and crocs on land.

Finally, Mike Meyers was on David Letterman the other night promoting "Inglorious Bastards," the new Tarantino flick starring Brad Pitt. Is it just me, or is it really surpirsing to hear the names Quentin Tarantino and Mike Meyers in the same sentence. One is a director famous for blood and guts ... the other ... a Canadian funny man. It surprised me!

Anyway, Dave asked Mike what he did for summer vacation which started this story ....

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Eagle Night at the Drive In

Last Thursday we had the Eagle and Cypress Motors Night at the Clearwater Drive In! It was deemed a huge success! Let me list some stats to prove that point:

- 2007 (the first Eagle Night at the Drive In) .... 37 cars show up.

- 2008 (the second Eagle Night at the Drive In) .... 15 cars show up.

- 2009 (you get where I'm going with this) .... 85 plus cars show up!

- over 300 people attend Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen!
- We give away a crap load of prizes and Jason Unreau wins ACDC tickets!
- Clearwater Drive In goes through 40 lbs of popcorn!
- They also go through 20 lbs of butter! ... My bum is still jiggling.

I don't know what it is about attending a Drive In ... but it's almost magical. It reminds me of the 60's when people actually carried on conversations with people they didn't know, everyone owned some sort of a muscle car, and it was nothing but _____, ______, and Rock N Roll!! (Not that I ever lived in the 60's ... but I've heard good things)

We couldn't have asked for a better night too! It rained all the way to the landing before letting up, giving us a beautiful night for a Drive In movie! People were using lawn chairs, kids were on the playground in front of the big screen, and popcorn was being consumed in high volumes! What an awesome time!

Here are some pics ....

Left to Right: JonKeen and Chance

Line up was almost to the #4 highway!

Left to Right: Champ, JonKeen, Chance, and Carla

One half of the drive in

From Left To Right: Chance, Jason (winner of ACDC tix) and JonKeen!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Ba ha ha ha!

This is super funny .... yet sad at the same time. It happened just outside of Sturgis a couple days ago. They were right in the middle of doing "Love in an Elevator" when a fuse blew. While the engineers tried to replace it, Steven Tyler thought he would entertain the crowd ... to bad he's 61 and has zero balance what so ever. He fell off the stage, broke his shoulder and had to get stitchs on his melon! Maybe he should just stick to the Waltz.

Because of what you see in this video from youtube, Aerosmith has canceled their show in Regina that was suppose to be last night. The field had been covered and prepared for the show while over 1000 people were ready to work the event. Apparently they're trying to re-schedule another date to play Mosaic stadium but something deep down inside says it won't happen.

If you remember back in 2006 they were suppose to play Saskatoon but than Steven Tyler had to deal with his Hepatitis C which ended their tour just before they played Saskatchewan. Actually, I think he needed surgery on his throat. Either way, they promised to come back and never did .. now who knows when this show will be made up, their saying sometime this fall.