Monday, January 18, 2010

Earthquake Relief Day

This is Blandine and Jerry. My fiances Auntie and Uncle adopted them about 3 years ago from a Haitian Orphanage. I don't know much about Haiti, but from what I've heard ... it's a pretty rough place. But that doesn't mean there's not a lot of great people who live there.

These two are the most adorable loving kids I have ever met and their Mom and Dad went through a terrible amount of work just to get them here so they could live a normal life. There's still a ton of children just like Blandine and Jerry over there right now dealing with the magnitude 7 earthquake that happened last week. Not only is this a chance to help out the Haitian people suffering from the Earthquake, it's also an opportunity to bring awareness worldwide to the terrible living conditions people deal with there.

We'll be pushing for donations Wednesday for "Earthquake Relief Day" but if you feel like donating now ... please go to any Innovation Credit Union Branch or the Shaunavon Credit Union and give some money to the Golden West Radios Haiti Relief Fund. All of the money will be donated to the MCC. You can also go to Swift Current Online and click the "Help Haiti" link to donate with paypal or by credit card.

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