Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I stole this picture right off of Jons blog,(you have to read this really quick to get the full effect) Is it just me, or does this picture make Craig look like Grandpa Mactavish ... killer sweater vest.

I'm not going to lie and say I grew up watching Craig Mactavish play for the oilers ... but I did grow up watching my brothers idolize the former Oiler captain! I was to young to really appreciate the pedigree of the Oilers franchise in the late 80's early 90's ... but because my brothers cheered for the blue and orange ... I cheered for the blue and orange.

There's lots of coaches out there that scare me. I was just watching OTR yesterday and they had Mike Keenan on reminiscing about all his past coaching gigs ... that's a guy I'm not fond of, John Tortorella is another one. I feel like they throw temper tantrums for the cameras, not the players. That's why I respect Craig Mactavish, if he was throwing a temper tantrum, it was to benefit his players by either sticking up for his guys, or trying to spark a fire under their *%$#!! He never did stuff like that for the spotlight and I enjoyed his calm demeaner as the Oilers head coach. Plus, he had some fun interviews over his years in Edmonton!

When you've played with all the greats and are considered one yourself ... you gotta have some great stories for the Special Olympics/Bronco Charity Breakfast that's happening tomorrow morning at the Living Sky Casino. Call the Broncos Stable for tickets 773-1509, tickets are $25 bucks or $190 for a table and don't worry, you won't be late for work!


Jon Keen said...

Chance, my lawyer will be in contact wit you re: pic stealing

The Eagles Breakfast said...

The "pic stealing law of 1973" states that if there's a quick plug of said picture takers blog, that all legal action must be waived.